Rooftop Garden

Garden to table redefined.

Grown in Detroit Sunshine

Growing atop Traffic Jam and Snug is the Rooftop Garden.  Even in the middle of winter our Rooftop Greenhouse is producing herbs which are dried and preserved to serve you one of the freshest hot tea blends you can find anywhere.  Throughout the year we also feature many Rooftop inspired artisan goods like fresh baked Rooftop Chive Onion Bread, Purple Thai Basil Beer, Honey Lavender Ice Cream, the Rooftop Caprese Salad and the only locally sourced Kumquat Salad you can find at this latitude!  We’re excited to welcome our first lemons, limes and goji berries making their debut this year.

Since 2010, our garden has been in constant evolution.  The original focus of salad greens, corn, edible flowers, and mushrooms has shifted to accommodate the increasing demand for Rooftop Tea.  We now offer 10 unique blends including some which are completely herbal and others mixed with green and black teas. We’re always exploring which herbs grow best in our rooftop climate, so there’s always something new to try.  Look forward to our newest limited edition blend: Apricot Vanilla Cola! You can always count on the freshest ingredients because we use everything we are able to produce, dry and store from the previous growing season. Some herbs, like pineapple sage or lemon verbena may even be harvested, dried, blended, sealed up and served all on the same day.  Now that’s fresh! Try a cup in our cozy restaurant.

Hundreds of species thrive together in the small ecosystem we’ve created and maintain on our roof. Instead of using synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, we grow organically and employ permaculture design principles like companion crop planting to harness the synergy of plants and attract beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantises and lacewings!

Besides the urban farm on our roof, we also collaborate with other farms around the city.  For example, Food Field picks up the spent grains from our brewery for chicken feed, composts our coffee grounds, and supplies ingredients like garlic, cherries, and hops when available. Rising Pheasant Farm supplies sunflower shoots year-round for our salads.