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The Traffic Jam & Snug menu is always diverse and always unique. From ethnic to contemporary, for meat-eaters to vegetarians, we offer something for everyone.

Plan your next meal, or enjoy The Traffic Jam & Snug at home.

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  House Brews  


Burton School of IPA

We hear a lot of people don't like IPA's because they are too bitter and too, we made a light one with a blend of candy-like hops.

6.00% ABV

Chocolate Amber Ale

Ale brewed with chocolate and milk sugar. Tart.

6.20% ABV

Czech Pilners

Czech malt, hops AND yeast.

5.20% ABV

Dark Star Black APL

Dehusked, roasted malt makes this aromatic IPL deceptively dark. Absurd amounts of citra hops steal your face.

6.80% ABV


Try all five of our beers in a stylish flight. Five 5 ounce pours. $10.00

0.00% ABV


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  Restaurant menu  

  Catering menu  


Let The Traffic Jam surprise you with a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your next party or event, at our place or yours. Our creativity and level of personal attention will make your special occasion a fun and memorable one. For more information, please contact one of our event coordinators at 313-831-9470.

For parties of less than 30, we can accommodate your needs on short notice or no notice at all. Our dining rooms seat up to 270, and we can usually prepare a private area for your party with nothing more than a quick phone call ahead of time.



Large Salads

Asian Cold Sesame Udon Noodles  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

with slivered vegetables in a spicy ginger/peanut sauce.

Chilled Shrimp, Melon and Mango Salad  $75.00 (Feeds 10)   

Plump shrimp with fresh mango, melon and red onion with a fiery Cayenne-Serano vinaigrette dressing on field greens.

Chilled Three Cheese Tortellini Salad  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

with caramelized onions, roasted red pepper and spinach tossed in an herbed cream sauce.

Orange/Asian Chicken Salad  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

with exotic field greens topped with fresh oranges, water chestnuts, baby corn, red pepper, carrots and cucumbers with grilled chicken skewers drizzled with a sesame citrus vinaigrette.

Pesto/Vegetable/Chicken Pasta  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

with mixed vegetables, roasted chicken breast and penne pasta tossed in a house made fresh basil pesto sauce.

Traverse City Dried Cherry and Pecan Salad  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

in creamy lemon onion dressing.


Cold Platters

Antipasto Platter  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

Antipasto platter with pesto-stuffed cherry tomatoes, char-grilled asparagus, fresh mozzarella, marinated artichoke hearts, Genoa salami and rolled ham.

Cheese Platter  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Garnished with fresh fruit.

Hearts of Palm wrapped in Prosciutto  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

Served with Honolulu sauce.

Herbed Cheese & Endive  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Traffic Jam Dairy made herbed cheese piped into endive leaves.

Marinated Vegetables  $55.00 (Feeds 55)   

Marinated, char-grilled vegetables with green goddess dipping sauce.

Miniature Ham Salad Sandwiches  $85.00 (Feeds 20)   

Miniature ham salad sandwiches on polenta drop biscuits.

Mixed Sandwich Platter  $85.00 (Feeds 25)   

Pinwheels  $50.00 (Feeds 25)   

Roasted vegetable/ cream cheese pinwheels.

Seven Layer Dip  $85.00 (Feeds 25)   

Seven layer Argentinean black bean and potato bean dip with tortilla chips.

Shrimp Cocktail  $175.00 (Feeds 25)   

Shrimp cocktail of large Gulf shrimp quick boiled in spiced water and served peeled with cocktail sauce.

Three Cheese Tortellini  $85.00 (Feeds 85)   

Three cheese tortellini with roasted red pepper and spinach in a herbed cream sauce.

White Bean Dip  $75.00 (Feeds 25)   

White bean and fresh tarragon dip with grilled crostini.

Zip-Sauce Roasted Beef Tenderloin  $225.00 (Feeds 40)   

Zip-sauce roasted beef tenderloin thinly carved and served on caraway seed hoagie rolls with horseradish mayonnaise.


Hot Platters

Caramelized Puff Pastry  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Caramelized onion, mushroom, sweet red pepper and bleu cheese baked puff pastry.

Jalapeno Poppers  $75.00 (Feeds 25)   

Jalapeno Poppers, filled with cream cheese and deep fried.

Marinated Baked Salmon  $145.00 (Feeds 20)   

Dijon and dill marinated baked salmon.

Mini Indian Raja Pie  $75.00 (Feeds 15)   

Mini Indian raja pie of sautéed vegetables, curry and coconut milk, served in a puff pastry crust and topped with garlic mashed potatoes.

Sesame Beef or Chicken Skewers  $145.00 (Feeds 25)   

Sesame beef or chicken skewers with mango/soy dipping sauce.

Smoked Turkey, Swiss and honey mustard baked Puff Pastry.  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Southwest Egg Rolls  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Southwest egg rolls with chicken, chili, white cheddar, scallions and cilantro all rolled up, with a side of chili mayo for dipping.

Wild Mushroom Pastry  $75.00 (Feeds 20)   

Wild mushroom, bacon, caramelized onion puff pastry purses baked to crisp perfection.


Dessert Platters

Apple/Cranberry/Walnut Strudel  $75.00 (Feeds 30)   

Chocolate Decadence  $75.00 (Feeds 30)   

Caramel/cashew encrusted white chocolate cheesecake in a graham cracker crust enrobed in chocolate fondant.

Raspberry Linzer Tart  $75.00 (Feeds 30)   

Made with fresh raspberries and raspberry conserve baked in a cinnamon/hazelnut crust.

Traffic Jam Desert Tray  $25.00 (Feeds 10) / 75.00 (Feeds 25)   

Rich chocolate brownies and mixed mini cookies.




Contains nuts.
Vegetarian item.
Consumption of undercooked eggs, meat and fish increases the risk of food-related illness.
Contains dairy products.
Could be considered spicy.