Always something new...

The Traffic Jam & Snug menu is always diverse and always unique. From ethnic to contemporary, for meat-eaters to vegetarians, we offer something for everyone.

Plan your next meal, or enjoy The Traffic Jam & Snug at home.

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House Brews


Burton School of IPA

We hear a lot of people don't like IPA's because they are too bitter and too, we made a light one with a blend of candy-like hops.

6.00% ABV


Chocolate Amber Ale

Ale brewed with chocolate and milk sugar. Tart.

6.20% ABV


Czech Pilners

Czech malt, hops AND yeast.

5.20% ABV


Dark Star Black APL

Dehusked, roasted malt makes this aromatic IPL deceptively dark. Absurd amounts of citra hops steal your face.

6.80% ABV



Try all five of our beers in a stylish flight. Five 5 ounce pours. $10.00

0.00% ABV



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Kids Kweezeen


All selections are $4.50 and include Clown Ice Cream Cone.


Fried Chicken Tender Strips

Breaded fried chicken strips served with french fries.


Grilled Cheese Fingers

Yellow Cheese melted between layers of sourdough bread. Served with french fries.


Hot Dog!

Steamed hot dog on a bun served with French's mustard and french fries.


Macaroni And Cheese

Tiny shell macaroni in a white cheddar cheese sauce. Garnished with fresh strawberries.




Restaurant menu

Catering menu


We only use the best, freshest ingredients. We know this because we make everything ourselves. Each day, our bakery turns out a new Bread of the Day, from authentic ethnic crusted rolls and vegetable breads to whole grain sourdoughs and cheese loaves. In fact, head baker Pete Waldenmeyer stopped keeping records of recipes years ago. A shamefully delicious selection of pies, cakes, and cookies are made here too, not to mention our very own hot fudge and ice cream.



Soup du Jour, etc.

Italian Style Portabello Mushroom Soup  $4.25/$6.25  


Macaroni & Cheese/Cup of Soup Combo Platter  $9.50  

Baked macaroni in white cheddar sauce served with your choice of soup.




Appetizers & Sides

Beer Battered Fries  $3.50/$5.50  


Black Bean & Cheese Nachos  $8.25/$10.25  


Black Bean, Chicken and Cheese Nachos  $10.50/$12.50  


Cheese Nachos  $6.50/$8.50  

add Black Beans +$2.00

add Black Beans & Chicken +$4.00


Chicken & Basil Egg Rolls  $7.50  

Crisp rolls filled with diced chicken, bell peppers, cellophane noodles and ginger served with our sweet and spicy red pepper sauce.


Help me Elvis, I'm in a pickle!  $6.25  

Breaded, deep fried pickle spears with dill-ranch dressing. Best in the city!


Potato Wedge Fries  $3.50/$5.50  


Sweet Potato Fries  $3.50/$5.50  


TJ's Own Cheese Platter  $9.25  

A variety of our own cheese, with strawberries and fig/hazelnut compote.





Athens Greek Salad  $9.25  

Mixed greens with seasoned ground chicken, cherry tomatoes, roasted beets, red onions, feta cheese and Kalamata olives in our own, in-house made Greek dressing. Garnished with deep fried artichoke hearts.



Panko-encrusted pan sautéed pork loin, topped with a refreshing salad of mixed greens, arugula, berries, and red onion in a fresh herb and citrus vinaigrette. Garnished with hot sauce jelly beans, yes, hot sauce jelly beans!


Thrice-Diced Salad  $12.25  

Mixed greens, arugala, chick peas, diced grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, diced pickles and toasted pita chips in an Italian vinaigrette.


Traditional Caesar Salad  $5.00/$7.00  

add Grilled Chicken Breast +$3.00

add Grilled Shrimp +$6.00

add Grilled Fresh Salmon +$9.00


Traverse City Dried Cherry & Pecan Salad  $9.00  

Field greens tossed in a creamy lemon/onion dressing with Michigan dried cherries and toasted pecans.




Sandwiches & Such

Blazing Redfish Filet  $8.25  

Deep fried fillets served on our own Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and spicy jalapeno mayonnaise.


Catherine's Black Bean Burrito  $10.50  

Jumbo flour tortilla filled with pineapple scented black beans, corn, onion, garlic, green pepper & cheddar cheese. Topped with warm salsa and sour cream.



Slow-simmered beef in our barbecue sauce with caramelized onions, panini grilled on our white cheddar/sun dried tomato foccacia. Guy loved it!


Jam Burger  $9.50  

Half pound ground round with lettuce, tomato & dressing. May we add melted cheese?


Tex Mex Lentil Burger  $9.50  

A vegetarian lentil patty served on our potato roll with guacamole, melted hot pepper cheese, sprouts & sliced tomato. Served with tortilla chips.





Carolina Crab Cakes  $17.25  

Twin crab cakes grilled and served over orange-scented, pecan-studded rice. Accompanied by a capered remoulade.


Chicken Marsala  $15.75  

Sauteed boneless chicken breast in an artichoke heart and wild mushroom Marsala sauce, with potato wedges and vegetable.


Deep Fried Battered Canadian Smelt  $14.75  

Served with skin-on potato wedge fries and tartar sauce.


Hawaiian Islands Salmon  $18.25  

Fresh broiled salmon topped with macadamia nuts, almonds and gingered honey. Served on tropical rice with a coconut lime sauce.


Londontown Fish and Chips  $14.75  

Hand breaded fish filets accompanied by beer battered potato wedges and our slaw.


Madras Meatloaf  $14.75  

Beef & veal blended with leeks, carrots, apples, curry. Served with sweet potato fries, peas and finished with Cumberland sauce.


Vegetarian Spinach Lasagne  $14.25  

Multi-Layered baked pasta with fresh spinach, Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese. Topped with marinara sauce.


Yekik We't Ethiopian Platter  $11.75  

Spicy split baby red peas, yellow lentils, and sauteed collard greens served with traditional injera bread. Silverware optional.




Just Desserts

Apple Cobbler  $7.00  

Fresh Michigan apples, butter and brown sugar, all baked in cinnamon pastry crust. Served warm with our rich vanilla ice cream.


Baked Bread Pudding a la Mode  $6.50  

Studded with chocolate chips, nuts & rum soaked raisins and served warm with vanilla ice cream.


Black Bottom Pecan Pie  $7.00  

Bourbon laced pecan filling baked with a layer of dark chocolate ganache. Served warm with vanilla ice cream.


Carlotta Chocolatta Ice Cream Cheesecake  $7.75  

Double chocolate cheesecake wrapped in coffee ice cream, coated with bittersweet hot fudge & sprinkled with ground espresso. Be still my beating heart.


Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Fancy Dress  $7.00  

Giant chocolate chip cookie wearing and oversized wrap of our own vanilla ice cream and a coat of hot fudge. The Hussy!


Fresh California Strawberries  $6.75  

Big, beautiful berries, topped with yogurt and honey.


Hot Fudge, Tin Roof, or Caramel Sundae  $4.75/$6.75  


Pumpkin Cheesecake  $7.00  

Rich homemade pumpkin cheesecake, served with a dollop of whipped cream.





Contains nuts.
Vegetarian item.
Consumption of undercooked eggs, meat and fish increases the risk of food-related illness.
Contains dairy products.
Could be considered spicy.