House Brews  


India Pale Ale

Aggressively hopped with Chinook and Amarillo varieties. For lovers of seriously bitter ale.

6.00% ABV


Power Porter

Pale and black malts with just a touch of wheat give this traditional English dark an exceptional smoothness.

6.00% ABV


Proper Pilsner

A light and refreshing lager brewed with Michigan malt and American hops.

4.50% ABV



Our unmalted summery wheat with notes of pepper and citrus.

6.00% ABV





  Guest Brews  


Short's Red Ale





We brew our own beers, right here, in house.


Just like monks in ancient times, we utilize the same equipment for beer and cheese making. Our home brewed beers are a favorite of local brewpub devotees. Stop by our bar for a cold one and see what the buzz is about.

December 18, 1992, Michigan became the last Midwest state to enact a brewpub law. Shortly thereafter, TJ's (after a legal battle that lasted more than 10 years!) became Michigan's first brewpub...

Our brews have won numerous awards and raves from the beer critics. You can enjoy our brews in our bar, complete with an attached art gallery. Enjoy them here or take some home.